Saturday, September 1, 2012

Have You Seen My Doppelganger?

My wife had a weird experience on September 31, 2012. The day before I really wrestled within myself whether I was going on a trip to Orlando to attend a user group. I was tired from studying and the prospect of the traffic and tolls made me not want to take the trip. On the other hand, it was important exposure for my new career; so I got up early to go. My wife woke up just in time to see me off, and proceeded to fall asleep on the couch. She swears that an hour later (when I was 60 miles away) that she was awakened by the front door opening, and I sat at the foot of the couch, telling her I just could not bring myself to make the trip, and to go back to sleep. An hour later, she got up, and not seeing my brief case and computer, panicked and called my cellphone. She thought that she had seen a ghost (of me), fearing I had died in an accident. Funny thing was while I was on the highway, I did feel a lurch and a moment of dizziness, as if I would run into the ditch. Did she see my doppelganger?

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