Sunday, November 25, 2012

I have been noticing a menacing face looking out at me from mottled patterns on my vinyl floor tiles in the bathroom for several months. The human mind naturally tries to make patterns out of chaos, so I tried to dismiss this as just a quirk. Finally, I took some photographs to see if other people can see what I see.

The first photo is straight out of the digital camera. I then tried adjusting the contrast and luminescence curves to bring out the details. I used MS Paint in the 3rd photo to outline what I am seeing. I see the exact same thing on at least 3 of my tiles.

To me, it looks like someone throwing a rock at me smoking a cigar.

I have heard of matricing and pareidolia, which are well-documented instincts in people to see faces and people in all kinds of random formations (like the face photographed on Mars or the cat's eyes on some cars). So this can be understood from a purely natural perspective. I do, however, wonder if malevolent forces can utilize such things to oppress and wear a person down out of spite, just because they can.

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